Book chapters

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[View publication]

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Peer review articles

Wang, S., Su, D., Wu, Y. and Chai, Z., 2020. Application of life-cycle assessment to the eco-design of LED lighting products. Euro-Mediterranean Journal for Environmental Integration, 5(2), pp.1-10. [View publication]

Alicia Valero, Ricardo Magdalena, Sonia Ascaso, Fernando Círez, Abel Ortego and Guiomar Calvo

Ecocredit system for incentivizing the recycling of waste electric and electronic equipment based on a thermodynamic approach. [View publication]

Non-peer review articles

Living Labs: from abstraction to implementation. Case CIRC4LIFE Living Labs

Laurea Journal

Julia Nevmerzhitskaya , Teemu Santonen , Aletta Purola

[View publication]

CELLL – a toolkit for co-creating circular economy business models.

Laurea Journal

Aletta Purola , Julia Nevmerzhitskaya , Teemu Santonen

[View publication]

From project-based thesis to the best research paper award – success story of RD&I and education integration

Laurea Journal

Julia Nevmerzhitskaya

[View publication]

Conference proceedings 

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