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Circular Economy In Practice: The Meat Industry

DEMO 4 is applying the three business models to the meat supply chain. Our partner, Alia, an animal feed manufacturer, is putting circular economy into practice by developing a pilot in the villages of Lorca and Abarán (Region of Murcia, Spain). The pilot aims to co-create circular economy solutions with all relevant stakeholders, engage citizens in collaborative reuse and recycling and promote sustainable consumption. The DEMO was launched in June 2020 and will run until July 2021.


1. Co-creation

We co-created new sustainable products by involving consumers, policy makers, academia, and the industry in its development.​

2. Collaborative reuse & recycling

We believe citizens have an important role to play! This is why we encourage them to recycle their bio-waste so that it can be transformed into compost or organic fertilizers. In return, they will earn Eco-credits and receive a reward. 

Check out our posters below on how collaborative recycling is put in practice in the cities of Abaran and Lorca.

3. Sustainable consumption

CIRC4Life has developed an indicator (Eco-costs) showing the environmental impact of products.This enables the consumer to be informed on the sustainability of the product they wish to buy.

This indicator is displayed on Alia’s product so that consumers can compare environmental impacts. Alia also uses by-products from the agri-food sector to produce animal feed. In turn, their farm waste is used to make organic fertilisers.

Check out our poster below on eco-shopping to see how sustainable consumption is put into practice in the Region of Murcia.

For more information please click here

For more information on Alia, please visit:

V05-MM Poster-EN-Abaran.jpg
This is how we put biowaste recycling in practice in Abaran (with an intelligent bin)

(please click the image to see PDF version)

V05-MM Poster - Lorca_EN.jpg
This is how we put biowaste recycling in practice in Lorca (with a regular bin)

(please click the image to see PDF version)

CIRC4Life-eco-shopping-meat supply chain
This is how we put sustainable consumption in practice

(please click the image to see PDF version)

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