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Announcement of CIRC4Life Design Challenge external winner

31 January, 2020

Based on the results of 190 votes, as well as feedback received through CIRC4Life project website, the winner is the label No.4 designed by the CIRC4Life project. However, the Design Challenge Jury has decided to reward the designer of label No. 1., Aleksanteri Repo, with the inclusive invitation to the Innovation Camp 2020, to be held in Spain, as the winner among external participants.​


Congratulations Aleksanteri!

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Aleksanteri Repo, and I am an entrepreneur from Kouvola, Finland. In all that I do, I try to think of the community and society around me, and I try to do things benefitting it. For example, arranging public art projects, running a co-working space or a bike share company.


The CIRC4Life Design Challenge, launched in July 2019, invited design students, professionals, and citizens EU - and worldwide, to take part in designing a more sustainable way of living. Designers were invited to send in their ideas and concepts, which were then displayed alongside results created previously during the project.


The competition seeked to answer the following questions:

  • How can we make sustainability information of a product visual and easy to understand?

  • ​What kind of sustainability visualisation would have an impact on consumers purchasing decision?

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