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​CIRC4Life Innovation Camp is just around the corner

11 November, 2018

The CIRC4Life Innovation Camp will take place from 12 to 15th November. It is an open innovation and co-creation spring where multidisciplinary and multicultural teams work on developing user-centred solutions for a real-life challenge in a set timeframe.

Thus, the camp is a true co-creative innovation process starting from real-world problems and requirements, and focusing on practical results in terms of identification of business opportunities and developing novel solutions. It works as a facilitated space for social interaction and exchange among the diverse set of actors.

In CIRC4Life Innovation Camp, partners interact with each other and with external stakeholders to jointly discover and specify topics to achieve the goals of our project.

The Camp brings together about over 80 leading experts/specialists from 17 countries who have a passion for systemic change. In the camp, participants will share knowledge and experience to find solutions how to further develop and implement the Circular Economy Business Models and related industrial demonstrations in real life. CIRC4Life Innovation Camp 2018 offers participants possibility to develop business models together with policy makers, entrepreneurs, researches, and civil society.

Over 500 high profile applicants from all over the world applied to the CIRC4Life innovation Camp. The selection of the 40 participants was done based on the applicant’s expertise and its relevance to one of the seven challenges to be addressed during the Camp.

In addition to the expertise, we took into consideration a balanced representation of Quadruple Helix roles (having representatives from academia, industry, civil society and policy-makers); as well as a gender and geographical balance.

We hope that the applicants will follow the progress of CIRC4Life Innovation Camp and CIRC4Life project in social media, using hashtags: #CIRC4life and #InnovationCamp2018.


With best regards,

Organizers of the CIRC4Life Innovation Camp

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