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Intelligent bin demonstration now at the Julio Caro Baroja Institute in Getxo, Spain

6 April 2021

Last week, the intelligent bin for the collection of out of use small electrical and electronic equipment was installed in another school in Getxo, Spain. This time the container was placed in the Julio Caro Baroja Institute where students will take part in the demonstration. This is the second school to participate in the project and again it was great to see the enthusiasm shown by the pupils!

Technicians from CIRC4Life partner Indumetal informed the students about the importance of sustainable consumption and recycling, as well as of the possibility for the school to obtain eco-credits which can be used to participate in planting trees on the school premises.

The initiative is led by Indumetal Recycling,  a company specialized in the integrated management of WEEE, and Recyclia, an environmental platform for recycling electronic products, batteries and lamps. It is part of the awareness campaign that the two companies are carrying out in the municipality and part of the sustainable consumption Business Model of the CIRC4Life project.

For more information on the intelligent bin: 

For more information on the pilot (demonstration) itself:

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