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Eco-shopping and survey on meat products launched in Spain

14 June 2020

Eco-shopping has been launched in the demo (pilot) taking place in Lorca and Abaran (Region of Murcia, Spain) beginning of May in two shops in order to collect consumer preferences on the new developed products as long as the products will be in the shops.

The demo is implementing sustainable and recycling practices in the meat sector and is producing a new more sustainable version of the “salchicha imperial” (a type of salami) and a “lomo” (pork loin).

A survey has also been launched in these shops and feedback has also been collected in a local hospital where these sustainable products were donated to the health professionals dealing with COVID19 to thank them for their work.

By scoring the environmental impact of different products, the eco-shopping allows consumers to compare products based on their environmental footprint. Thanks to a mobile app on their smartphones consumers are then able to record the environmental impact of their purchases in an eco-account. In addition, users can also use the app to scan the QR code of the label to  receive additional information on the eco-points.

Giving environmental information and allowing consumers to track their environmental footprint will empower consumers and allow them to make more sustainable choices.

For more information, please consult the dedicated page on this demo in our website:

Sustainable and recycling practices in t
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