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Eco-shopping - CIRC4Life eco-point concept

14 June 2020

Eco-incentive Shopping System.png

The CIRC4Life project has created a new tool linked to an innovative incentive scheme which encourages end-users to adopt eco-friendly behaviours and allows them to make informed sustainable consumption choices.


How does it work?


This is done via the eco-points system. Eco-points show the direct consequences on the environment of buying a product (eco-debits), but also of reusing or recycling a product (eco-credits).


The eco-point value is displayed on the product label and indicates the environmental information of a product in a simplified way. This allows users to compare the environmental impact of different products. The end-user’s environmental impacts will be recorded in an eco-account through the mobile app on their smartphones. Users can also use the app to scan the QR code of the label to receive additional information on the product and record the purchase.


For every positive environmental action such as recycling, consumers will receive eco-credits. However, for every negative environmental action such as buying a new product, consumers will receive eco-debits.

The eco-credits can be transformed into an incentive such as a discount on a product; the eco-account enables consumers to record and track their daily environmental footprint; The eco-balance shows the current consumer’s footprint based on the purchases and recycling activities.

In order to record the purchase, before checking-out of the shop, consumers need to show their personal QR code on the app to the eco-scanner and then scan their purchase. Indeed, as shown below the eco-scanner works independently from the shop accounting system.

For more information, please check our poster on eco-shopping which can be found here:

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