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Demo on tablets to be launched shortly in the Basque Country

9 October 2020

Our partners, Indumetal recycling, a WEEE recycling company, and Recyclia, an environmental platform for recycling electronic products, batteries and lamps, are putting circular economy into practice by developing a demonstration (pilot) in Getxo (Basque Country), in Spain. It will run from November 2020 until September 2021, in collaboration with Getxo’s Local Authority, local shops and schools.


The pilot aims to co-create circular economy solutions with all relevant stakeholders, engage citizens in collaborative reuse & recycling and promote sustainable consumption.


In addition, it will test a new collaborative system to increase the collection rates of unused electronic products and encourage citizens to reuse and recycle them.

As such, citizens who dispose of their small electronic devices via the intelligent bins, will earn Eco-credits in return.  This reward can then be exchanged in the participating local shops for discounts or other advantages. Eco-credits can also be donated to plant more trees in Getxo.

Local school students will also be involved in the project in order to raise their awareness of the circular economy. A competition will be organised so that the students can experience having an active role in the circular economy and in building a more sustainable world.


Be part of the change and participate in our pilot if you are in Getxo or visit the dedicated section of our website on this demonstration, available in Spanish, Basque and English, to find out more!


For more information on Recyclia: 

For more information on Indumetal Recycling: 

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