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CIRC4Life partner ALIA have launched their second collaborative recycling pilot project

6 April 2021

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CIRC4Life partner ALIA (Spain) have launched their second collaborative recycling pilot project, this time in the city of Lorca, in collaboration with the City Council and the municipal waste management company LIMUSA.  ALIA is an animal feed manufacturer, in charge of the demonstration of CIRC4Life’s three CEBMs in the meat sector.  The initiative aims to involve citizens in the recycling of organic waste by establishing a system of incentives in order to encourage them to acquire sustainable recycling habits and to demonstrate the importance of recycling. The pilot foresees awareness-raising campaigns, the distribution of bio-compostable bags and collection of the waste by means of a closed container system operated by a smart card (from the company CONTENUR). The recycling habits of citizens will be monitored by ALIA and LIMUSA in order to see the overall response to this new approach. The project has developed an APP and a traceability tool so that users can regularly check their "eco-credits" accumulated based on their recycling practices.  Lorca’s residents will be able to exchange their incentives for cultural events and other gifts provided by the City Council and by the Lorca Trade Association.  Furthermore, to close the circular economy loop, the organic waste will be transformed into compost, which will be used in school gardens such as in the garden of the Alfonso X El Sabio school in Lorca.  The compost will also be used as part of a reforestation action, and a reforestation day will be held together with La Carrasca, an Environmental Association, with the aim of creating a circular model that benefits the local territory.

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